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Application for Exhibit Space

We, the undersigned, agree to abide by the Exhibit Terms and Conditions.

Fees are payable in advance. Exhibitor's Fee includes Technical sessions, meals and breaks, social events and exhibit space.

Application Deadline: February 24, 2006

Personal Information - Items with a * must be filled out.
Name*:       First, Initial, Last
Badge Name*:
Business Address*:
City*: Postal code*:
State*: or Province:
Phone *: Email*:
Fax: Website:
Payment Information

Amount due with application. Payments are to be check, credit card, or cash. Checks are payable to Buoy Workshop 2006/Judith Rizoli.

Total Exhibitor Fee: US $100

Payment method: Check Cash (payment on site)
Credit card: Visa MasterCard

We will exhibit the following products, services and/or technologies:

Company Background (100-300 words) in an MS Word file is welcome:

or you may cut and paste Company Background (100-300 words) into this window.
Note: If you use HTML, please use standard HTML tags for formatting.



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