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Buoy Workshop Registration Form
Early Registration Deadline: February 14, 2006

Personal Information - Items with a * must be filled out.

Name: (First, Initial, Last)    *
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Registration Fees
Registration fee is to be paid in USD either by a MasterCard or Visa credit card or by check. Instructions for making payment will be given upon completion of this form.
Select registration type Before Feb. 14 After Feb. 14 On Site One Day1
MTS Member $290.00 $340.00 $365.00 $150.00
Non-Member2 $365.00 $415.00 $440.00 $175.00
Students3 and
Retired Professionals
$150.00 $150.00 $150.00  
If you would like a boxed lunch for Thursday, 16 March, please check here:
1 Includes CD
2 Non-member fees include $75 that will cover a one-year membership in Marine Technology Society.
3 Please provide documentation from your University. There are no discounts on these fees.

Full workshop registration includes technical sessions, exhibits, CD version of the Workshop Record, 3 hot breakfasts, 3 lunches, an icebreaker on Monday, March 13 at the Amerisuites College Station Hotel, a reception on March 14 at the Bush Library, and a banquet at the Messina Hof Winery on March 15. Extra tickets will be available.
Extra Tickets for Events
Icebreaker $20.00 each:    
Banquet $40.00 each:    
Lunch $17.00/day    
Payment type:   Cash    Check    Credit card



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