Science and Policy Workshop: Deep-Sea Mining of Seafloor Massive Sulfides

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, 1-2 April 2009

Who is attending: 105 registrations

Name Organization Abstract
Roger V Amato Minerals Management Service no abstract
Caitlyn L Antrim Rule of Law Committee for the Oceans no abstract
Alfred Aquilina National Oceanography Centre no abstract
Jeff A Ardron MCBI abstract
Chris Avery Queens University no abstract
Shunsaku S Awaji University of Tokyo abstract
Fernando JAS Barriga Univ Lisbon abstract
Yannick C Beaudoin UNEP/GRID-Arendal no abstract
Stace E Beaulieu WHOI / InterRidge no abstract
Nagender Nath Bejugam National Institute of Oceanography no abstract
Prithivi Dass P.D BISSESSUR Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris no abstract
Gregory S Boland Minerals Management Service no abstract
David P Braxton Anglo American no abstract
John A. Breier WHOI abstract
Chris J CARLON Anglo American plc no abstract
Yongshun J Chen Peking University no abstract
Georgy A. Cherkashov VNIIOkeangeologia no abstract
Sabine Christiansen WWF Germany no abstract
Ana Colaco Center of IMAR from University of Azores no abstract
Adam A Cook International Seabed Authority no abstract
Paul R Craddock University of Chicago no abstract
Christina Cuellar WHOI no abstract
Håkon HD Dahle University of Bergen no abstract
Andrew Daly WHOI, Deep Ocean Exploration Institute and Ocean & Climate Change Institute no abstract
Lisa Drew freelance science writer no abstract
Jérôme Dyment IPGP & CNRS abstract
Rod Eggert Colorado School of Mines no abstract
Catherine Evrard Ifremer abstract
Baptiste Faure Pennsylvania State University abstract
Charles Fisher Pennsylvania State University no abstract
Yves Fouquet IFREMER abstract
Christopher R German WHOI abstract
Heather MH Goldstone WCAI Cape & Islands NPR no abstract
Breea Govenar WHOI / Ridge 2000 no abstract
Fred Grassle Rutgers Univ. no abstract
Johnny J Grimond The Economist no abstract
Karen Hanghoj WHOI no abstract
Mark Hannington University of Ottawa no abstract
James R. Hein U.S. Geological Survey abstract
Richard J Herrington Natural History Museum abstract
Porter Hoagland Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution no abstract
Katie Holmes MCBI no abstract
David L. Honig Duke University Marine Laboratory no abstract
Susan E. Humphris Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution no abstract
John W Jamieson University of Ottawa abstract
Kim Juniper University of Victoria abstract
Kamesh A. Kattoju National Institute of Oceanography abstract
HYUN H.S. KIM KORDI no abstract
Jonguk Kim KORDI abstract
David K Leary Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales no abstract
Lisa A Levin Scripps Institution of Oceanography abstract
Matthew I Leybourne GNS Science abstract
Jian Lin WHOI / InterRidge no abstract
Lonny Lippsett WHOI, Oceanus magazine no abstract
Michael W Lodge International Seabed Authority no abstract
Kelepi Mafi Ministry of Lands, Survey, Natural Resources and Environment no abstract
Jose Martinez Bernal EDU-PRO Mexico no abstract
Michael A. McKibben University of California, Riverside abstract
Maggie L Merrill UMass Dartmouth/Marine Marketing Services no abstract
Rachel A Mills National Oceanography Centre, Southampton abstract
Janet Moore WHOI / Ridge 2000 no abstract
Sally Morgan University of Leeds abstract
Nima Moussa Egueh IFREMER abstract
Lauren S. Mullineaux Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution no abstract
Sandor Mulsow ISA-LTC- Chairman no abstract
Kentaro K Nakamura University of Tokyo no abstract
Nii A. Odunton International Seabed Authority no abstract
Rolf B Pedersen Center for Geobiology, University of Bergen no abstract
Michael R Perfit University of Florida abstract
Carl E Peterson WHOI no abstract
Elizabeth L Podowski Penn State University abstract
Giora K. Proskurowski WHOI / S.E.A. no abstract
Jelena Puzic Teck no abstract
Eva Z Ramirez-Llodra Institut de Ciències del Mar, CMIMA-CSIC no abstract
Eoghan Reeves MIT/WHOI Joint Program no abstract
Xiangwen Ren First Institute of Oceanography, SOA,CHINA no abstract
Anna-Louise Reysenbach Portland State University abstract
William I Ridley USGS no abstract
Peter A Rona Rutgers University abstract
Olivier J Rouxel Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution no abstract
Ashley A Rowden NIWA no abstract
WILLIAM SALEU Nautilus Minerals / Duke University no abstract
Jozée Sarrazin Ifremer abstract
Kenli A Schaaf U.S. Department of State no abstract
Jeff Seewald WHOI no abstract
Tim Shank WHOI no abstract
W.C. Shanks US Geological Survey no abstract
Xuefa Shi First Institute of Oceanography, SOA,CHINA no abstract
Stefan M Sievert WHOI no abstract
Craig R. Smith University of Hawaii abstract
Samantha Smith Nautilus Minerals Inc. abstract
Pete Spotts The Christian Science Monitor no abstract
Yohey Suzuki National Institute for Advanced Science & Technology abstract
Chunhui Tao Second Institute of Oceanography, SOA no abstract
Ingunn H Thorseth University of Bergen no abstract
Margaret K Tivey Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution abstract
Maurice A Tivey WHOI abstract
mindy todd WCAI Cape & Islands NPR no abstract
Masako Tominaga Texas A&M University, Department of Oceanography no abstract
Scott A Trebilcock Nautilus Minerals no abstract
Cindy L Van Dover Duke University abstract
Philomene A VERLAAN University of Hawaii abstract
Yaomin Yang First Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration abstract
Huaiyang ZHOU Tongji University abstract
Robert A Zierenberg Univ. Calif. Davis no abstract