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What are the circumstances under which you have known the applicant?
Please rate the applicant's past performance relative to others at the same level in your department over a period of years.
Please comment as to personal characteristics such as motivation, maturity, etc., particularly as these relate to the applicant's potential in his or her chosen field. Please stress both weak and strong points.
Summary Evaluation: Please give your overall evaluation of this applicant's suitability for a GFD Fellowship by comparing the applicant with a representative group of students in the same field who have approximately the same amount of training and experience.

  Truly Exceptional equivalent to the very best you have known
  Outstanding comparable to the best student in the current class, highest 5%
  Above Average ability easily identifiable and has uncommon drive and maturity, next highest 5%
  Average upper 50%
  Below Average lower 50%
  Not Applicable inadequate opportunity to observe
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